Your guide to understanding NDIS

Our allied health team created downloadable PDF resource guides! Find the right guide for you.

Let us guide your NDIS knowledge!

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Your guide to understanding NDIS

Find the right guide for you. We provide download PDFs to help you understand the NDIS.

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ndis allied health team

About Us

We are an allied health team who currently work in the NDIS space and have since 2014.

Navigating the system can be challenging and confusing! We get it!

We have worked with many participants who have conflicting information, are confused or are not aware of how to implement their NDIS plan.

We understand how powerful it can be to have the guidance towards the right direction. Your Allied Guide was designed and created to share that knowledge with you!

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For General Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals and Support Coordinators

If you have been confused by the NDIS process and unsure how best to help your clients with the continuous evolution of the NDIS, we get you!

There is a lot of information out there and as a busy professional it can be hard to find the time to put all the puzzle pieces together that make up the NDIS, especially when you don't solely work with NDIS participants. That's why Your Allied Guide is here to help.

We have a range of guides and other resources that will help simplify the NDIS space, so you can get back to doing what you do best, providing great health care services.

ndis occupational therapists social workers

For Participants

We are passionate occupational therapists and social workers who work on the ground with participants like you!

We have written all sorts of reports, been involved in plan reviews, re-assessments and have provided expertise to the administrative appeals tribunal (AAT). 

We know that the right information is important to guide your NDIS journey. We understand everyone is at different stages of their NDIS journey, and hope to guide you to greater knowledge.

Only buy the guides you need and that are relevant to you! No ongoing subscriptions!

Let our industry knowledge and NDIS experience guide you. You may be able to claim the purchase of the guides on your NDIS plan.  


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For General Practitioner And Allied Health Professionals

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By Pirmary Disablity

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